Is BA Sports Ofsted registered?

Yes, BA Sports register all our Holiday Clubs with Ofsted.

We follow Ofsted regulations and guidelines to offer the highest standard of care possible. These regulations help raise the quality of care and ensure the safety and wellbeing of children.

What should my child bring on the day?

Please provide your child with snacks, a packed lunch and drinks. Please note that due to allergies we operate a "No Nuts policy". Please ensure you provide an ice or cool pack with your child's lunch as well. Suitable clothing should be worn for children to be comfortable moving around in. A warm sweater should be provided for outside play.

Can my child be in the same group as a friend, brother or sister if they are different ages?

BA Sport Star Holiday Clubs have activities suitable for all ages and we are able to accommodate mixed age groups for most activities. Therefore if your child would like to be grouped with friends or family they can choose to do so.

Does BA Sports work to an adult to child ratio?

As BA Sports is Ofsted registered, we follow their guidelines regarding ratios, operating a strict 1:10 ratio of adults to children for children aged five to eight. For eight to twelve year olds we aim for a 1:15 ratio.

How do I pay?

We take most methods of payment, including childcare vouchers, all major debit/credit cards, PayPal and you can also pay via instalments if you book far enough in advance (all payments must be cleared by 48hours before the start of your booking).

Unfortunately, we no longer accept cash or cheque payments.

NB - please ensure your account is cleared before the start of Camp otherwise you may incur fees, and/or may be prohibited from booking further sessions with us.

Child Care Vouchers?

Child Care Vouchers:

Computershare: 0023156411
Edenred: P21048977
Faircare: BASP0616
Sodexo: 845509 postcode - SL5 9QX
Care4: 01991079
Allsave: CBASPOR
Kiddivouchers: S183917K
Co-operative Employee Benefits: 85115631
Busy Bees Benefits: Basportstar
Employers For Childcare: Basportstar
Gemelli: BA3116
PES: 05144
Caboodle (Formerly Salary Exchange): Basportstar

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes! An automatic sibling discount of 10% will be applied to all bookings of more than one child.

When trying to log in it's saying my account is closed?

A common problem customers face when registering a new account is because they have not verified their account.

Once you've registered, you will receive an activation email. Locate this (check spam or junk) and click the link to verify. This will then allow you to log in.

Do you take 4 year olds?

BA Sports can take 4 year old children for up to 5 hours at a time, including an hour for lunch. Ofsted guidelines state that children aged 4 years old can do no more than 4 hours of physical activity per session.

Can my child attend if they are over 12 years old?

Yes, children of all ages over 4 years are welcome to attend a BA Sports Club. We suggest an upper age band of 12 just as an advisory limit. This is due to many older kids not wanting to mix much with younger ones. However, we understand most parents will still want some form of childcare for early teens so we can cater for them too.

We will usually give older children the role of "helper" to give them some responsibility and they can also achieve a Sports Leadership Award. Please contact Barry for more information on this at

Can I change my booking?

You can book and cancel any dates yourself by logging into your account. However, once a booking has been placed, if you make an error such as wrong time or want to extend your day you will need to cancel the whole day and then rebook.

Any bookings that you ask us to cancel or book for you is subject to a £1.00 booking fee.

What happens if i need someone else to pick up my child?

BA Sports is now enforcing a Collection Password Scheme.
When creating your account you will be asked to use a password. If you need somebody else to collect your child from our Clubs then that person will need to provide our staff team with the collection password before the child is released into their care.

Following strict Ofsted safeguarding guidelines this password system will now be used at every collection time.

Why do children at BA Sports watch films?

At BA Sports although we run a primarily active and energetic timetable, we also recognise the importance of rest and downtime. This is why at breaks and lunch time the children will relax with a snack and drink (brought in from home) with an animated film. The film helps children to "switch off" and recharge - as for kids staying 8am to 6pm daily rest time is valuable.

Don't worry, children will not be spending hours in front of the screen. It's purely during our brief periods of downtime.

What happens if i'm late to collect my child?

Please inform us by text or phone call on 07876829907 / 07502431693 to let us know.

Staff will need to be paid for staying on later, therefore charges will be incurred for all late collections.

These are charged at £5 per 5 minutes.

What if my payment hasn't cleared until after my children have attended Camp?

Please ensure you transfer your childcare voucher payments in good time as from Easter 2018 we will be charging a late payment fee. This is only applicable on payments that come through after your children have attended their booked session.