Choose from one of our exciting packages:

Scooter Disco!

BA Sports will provide all scooters, ramps, helmets and knee/elbow pads, speaker system and party host for up to 20 children, for one hour of scooting fun. Let your kids ride around, enjoy the ramps and roll to the music! A unique birthday celebration that kids of all ages will enjoy. Just £120!


BA Sports will provide all the laser guns and barriers for hiding! A really fun game to play and burn off some energy. Why not invite your class and have a team-based battle, or an all-against-all competition? Also just £120 for an hour of friendly combat.

Can’t decide between the two? Have both! 90 minute party combining both Scooter Disco and Laser-Tag for £150.

Just hire the space and sort the party tea and leave the rest to us!

(If there’s another Sports package you’d like, please email us to arrange)